Konyets, Конец (VHS)

I want to believe in better


what if this misery is *it*?

Buddhists, Christians, Muslims

united in futility and fear.

Armageddon here.

In the abyss,

when all else is shattered,

what chance enlightenment?


(To be continued…)








Linköping Bloodbath_ Gustaf Bids Farewell

And so, in the past-present, wishfully I wonder,

perhaps it’s all been some entity’s idea of a wicked practical joke:

yesterday’s progress inversion; death, despair, turmoil.

“Happy April Fools!”, mockingly he will say, today,


And we can all go back to “normality”.


(To be continued…)









Are we there yet?

The beginning of the end?

And other clichés.

… Utterly screwed,

totally confused,

you, me, and the chimpanzee.

As leaders invoke, abuse,

wartime memories:

sacrifice, heroism, bravery,

and lambs to slaughter.

… This legacy they died for?


(To be continued…)








Black Hole

Panic and disease,

this, “the normal” they sneer.

Fear, chaos; progress?


(To be continued…)








Broken 3

Hopefully, by the time you read this

it is no longer contemporaneous;

the feeling, I pray, has passed,

and despairing misery

has become differently.


(To be continued…)








Nuremberg Chronicle_ Danse Macabre 2

Stay home, buy a box-set,

watch other people dance.

Go online, buy a bigger TV,

so long as there are deliveries.

Let’s pretend things are normal

and keep the economy ticking!

Death and despair only matter, apparently,

when dollars and cents.


(To be continued…)








1349 a

All the progress in the world,

laid low by a “primitive” life-form,


Hubris and gimmicks, smart-phones and 5G,

futility, filth, shit and piss.


Death, despair and chaos reign,

as in 1349.


(To be continued…)








Plyaska Smerti 1

Gimmicks and flashing lights,

distractions from life,

the essential.

Advertising and capitalism:

strange dreams implanted,

exploitation, manipulation,


constant delusions, lies,

sucking you dry,

making you demented

and infected.



(To be continued…)








Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)

They fill your head with panic, misinformation,


they’ve got you where they want you:


Afraid and desperate, many will do,

exactly what *they* want them to … …

(Is this the end of the world as we know it?)

… Meanwhile another storm batters,

howling winds, pouring rain:

tomorrow floods and more destruction,

ushering in,

they’re welcoming,

martial law.


(To be continued…)








Flower Blows, Hope_

So, pretend it’s my Birthday,

and you want me to be happy.

Can we also pretend that everything is OK?

That we’re living in harmony.

That things are the way they should be.

That machines work and people have heart,


truly caring about (*every*) each other.

… Peaceful bliss!

Can we imagine, hope, believe,

the seemingly impossible?


(To be continued…)