Desirous of peace,

a haiku to free the mind,

detach, pride, release.


(To be continued…)







Usually we associate progress with futurity,

life as a natural progression,

and, if humanity is what we contend and believe,

then probably it should be:

evolutionary; improvement; betterment.

Tomorrow should be better than today,

each of us showing more love, more caring,

more enlightenment.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem so.

And I can’t help feeling worse,

as day by day,

I wish and desperately crave,

that I could go back to the time,

before we were betrayed.


(To be continued…)







Sadness reigns supreme,

when your good idea, your passion, your dream,

becomes a burden,

when circumstances conspire to make fulfillment an impossibility,

utter frustration and despair,

when you are forced to walk away,

or, if confined, pace backwards and forwards,

sit and stare.


(To be continued…)







Beautiful, wistful dream,

remnants linger,

memories of comforting caress,

lasting in peace and silence.

… Crass noise and distraction, alas,

everyday life, jarring, demanding,

and memories melt as snowflakes in heat.

… Ethereal, tenderness…

Beautiful dream,

as if it’s never been.


(To be continued…)







… Drifting in and out of consciousness, I try to remember what brought us to this state of being. Was it just one thing, several, or a series?

Looming large in my mind is memory of the catchphrase: “Democratization”. A bewitching concept which politicians, media, businessmen, and other criminals, bandied about, to lead us forward into a “bright new future”.

Alas, by democratization, they meant privatization, exploitation, speculation, violation, decimation.

A whole new level of power and control, theft and corruption, which would ultimately lead to me, being here, shut and locked away. Surviving, for now.

Tiredness overcomes, perhaps it’s a lack of oxygen. I smile grimly to myself, remembering that today is my Birthday. I close my eyes. 

Happy Birthday, me… 


(To be continued…)







Interests collided,

war and death decided,

future direction

forged by wasted lives…

Blood, agony, tears,

reasons to fight again.


(To be continued…)







If the dead can “rest in peace”,

why not the living too?

What a blessing it would be,

truly being at peace;

even if not all of the time,

but enough *total* *peaceful* rest,

to properly recuperate and regenerate,

with surety of more beautiful peace each new tomorrow.


lifetimes would be extended,

and life itself would be more worth living.

Seek peace.


(To be continued…)







“So, you don’t believe or hope, in the goodness of nations, people, or everyday situations, but you do believe in miracles?” …

“That right,” he replied. “I’ve been disappointed so many times by lies, and facts on the ground, that I can no longer muster hope in tangible things.”

He paused and closed his eyes, before continuing: “Miracles, however, when they present, never disappoint!”


(To be continued…)







Reading and/or hearing,

absorbing, understanding, and remembering,

all of the things you have to change about yourself,

in order to be a “successful person”,

is, indeed, demoralizing,

whatever the time or place.


(To be continued…)







I asked him if he was Russian.

“Yes, amongst other things,” he replied.

I smiled, liking this answer, but not knowing whether he meant it to be quite as deep as I was taking it.

For, who *really* is just one “thing”, be it a nationality, an age, an occupation, etc?

Surely, I believe we’re more than one-dimensional beings. Yes, Russians, Indians, even Americans. 


(To be continued…)







Imagining what’s on the outside

(if there is an outside anymore!),

who or what will have survived? …

Perhaps it’s an irrelevance.

Maybe nothing actually exists beyond our brain,

its sensory perception.


(To be continued…)







Not exactly coherent?

How much ever truly is?

Yet, we do our best to decrypt

(if we think it’s worth the effort) …

Here’s hoping for future enlightenment.


(To be continued…)







Once the smell of death gets into your nostrils,

it lives.

Rotting decay, repulsive stench lingers;

life after death.


(To be continued…)







Alas, I made the mistake of waiting too late,

of preparing too much,

of trying to be ready…


(To be continued…)







Sad day (and every one thereafter),

when you realize that your loss

is greater than what remains…


(To be continued…)







TV preachers and other self-help gurus really seem to help some people’s mentality.

And I’ve tried, I’ve listened, I’ve been inspired.

But after time, in darkness, where things take on clarity,

the words ring hollow.

… I’m tired of trying to see problems and complications as opportunities.


(To be continued…)







The electricity’s cut off, the battery’s dead. And yet, the tap continues to drip, and drip, annoyingly, while cockroaches and other insects scurry about.

“Funny”, the things that keep going; sad, the things that don’t.


(To be continued…)








Absurdity treated as if banality,

acceptable normality,

perfidy as if loyalty…

Conflicting commands and demands,

complications and compromise,

seemingly give many people reason to live,

apparent happiness and vigor,

while deep thinkers appear to wither…

*No, no, no!*

I scream against this unnatural delusion,

objecting and rejecting perversion.


… For this, I am committed,

rejected and despised,

alleged lunatic, prophet of doom 

(yes, I admit, I love the Moon) …


(To be continued…)