Civil Servant, Contractor

Posted: 2015-01-17 in Uncategorized

Be it your visible bush of nostril hairs, your body odour, or your idiocy, as part of a tool of system, which seems to want to keep me down: I hate you and I want to rescue humanity from the likes of you. Yea, petty bureaucrat, pseudo-office demi-god, you don’t know how pathetic you are, though empowered by a wayward government (no-longer of the people). I pretend to be respectful, but really I am detaching myself as much as possible from the repulsiveness of this situation, while I am in your presence. … This is temporary, it is not my reality, I am better than this, I will break free from your system. I am righteous after all! … In ways you’ll never understand, you drive me forward (though occasionally backwards with complications and despair), ultimately giving me an impetus to be better than you and your system, guided and empowered by the spirit within.


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