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Approximately 35,000 of my fellow countrymen/women go missing each year. Most are found or come home themselves. Some are not. … Some are taken, some disappear of their own choice. Some have no choice. 

The sheer number astounds me. As does the way the radio voice announces the matter-of-fact, almost as if it’s government policy that 35,000 citizens will be disappeared (but, hey, it’s okay, some will reappear!). …


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Well, it kinda depends how you define success …

The underwear model and the man-child gaze on. Today they are dumbstruck by an effete union official.

The union official informs the unionized worker, needing help, being unfairly treated, victimized: “Oh, you don’t want to go up against management.”

Like, isn’t that the trade union’s Raison d’être? And, what/where next? And, the union official isn’t actually perceived as effete by those whose opinion “matters”. He’s a “real good guy”.

We can kinda understand corruption in Africa where diamond mines and abject poverty exist together. But here, in this shitty little town in a sodden, frozen backwater of a nation? Like, what’s to gain? … It seems just being among the “elite”, no matter how small the cartel or audience, for most people it’s enough.

My mouth. It’s so hard to speak. People around complicate.


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Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity (especially in the beginning of your association; if, per chance, later you learn more and *know* they are not so worthy, then exceptions to this rule are permissible/expectable).

But, like, whatever, you do not offer something to someone and patently ignore the person sitting behind or opposite (her daughter, his “client”). Any decent human would ask and offer, even if it meant splitting. But, hey, our world is fucked, so whilst my feeling of offence is understandable, courts of law would not approve of my reactions here.


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So beautiful, so pure, you chose faith when it wasn’t forced on you. … You look perfect, like The Word was literally true when it was spoken that humanity was created in God’s image. Fresh, clean, unencumbered, unburdened, pure, you look like everything I don’t feel. Yet I know some of the pain you have faced, and it has been massive, different from mine, indeed quite (who can really compare these burdens?), but still, I wish I could be you (my heart breaks when I think of what is and what isn’t and what should be (could’ve been for all humanity, if only we’d *really* spoken to each other and listened and cared, without self-interest or self-righteousness getting in the way). (Eden.)

Be it your visible bush of nostril hairs, your body odour, or your idiocy, as part of a tool of system, which seems to want to keep me down: I hate you and I want to rescue humanity from the likes of you. Yea, petty bureaucrat, pseudo-office demi-god, you don’t know how pathetic you are, though empowered by a wayward government (no-longer of the people). I pretend to be respectful, but really I am detaching myself as much as possible from the repulsiveness of this situation, while I am in your presence. … This is temporary, it is not my reality, I am better than this, I will break free from your system. I am righteous after all! … In ways you’ll never understand, you drive me forward (though occasionally backwards with complications and despair), ultimately giving me an impetus to be better than you and your system, guided and empowered by the spirit within.

It’s righteous.

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My feeling of repulsion, vis-à-vis you, is what drives me forward. Somehow. And I feel better now. Get it?


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I see the ISS briefly in the southern sky. I am inspired, briefly.

Life speeds by, much like the ISS – indeed, with the occasional report and scare of toxic leaks, these prompt movement.

… After all.

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I’m tired that it’s still an issue, yet still I remain engaged and interested. Still. Still? Still, I am put off when the ardent best wishes and prayers of people of faith, expressions of solidarity, are mocked with disdain by hardened atheists – yes, I know that’s your vibe, but this is hardly the time, after all, they’re reaching out to you (don’t you see?); maybe it’s time to give a little back and get over your lifetime of bitterness, think of others – people have feelings and satire has limits, after all (except when it’s aimed against the elite, especially “royalty”, then it’s no-holds-barred and “Let them eat cake!”).