It’s all about money.

Posted: 2015-02-23 in Uncategorized

It’s all about money.


TV, adverts, the general vibe of society.

Sports: winners make more, 2nd place gets a little less; place a bet and win!

Our work lives in the labor market. We give of ourselves so that we can provide for our family (or whatever), so we can eat, and sleep comfortably (hopefully) and grow.

We are entwined with the mythical market.

Buy & sell, sell, sell!

Sell enough and you can buy, buy, buy!

Satisfy your lust in a non-sexual, wholesome way – go on, do it, your country expects (and needs your economic activity to derive tax dollars to go spend on another war).

Earn, spend, blend (into the crowd).

Speculate to accumulate, acquire, greed.

Running to stand still. Earn to burn. Burning the candle at both ends, working three shitty jobs just to provide enough for your family to survive (kinda). While others bathe in champagne and piss in front of their maids (making sure they splash-back).

Madness in frenetic NYC, world-wide addiction. Money to burn. Calories to scoff. Get fat and buy this share at exactly the right time, then sell just before it emerges that the company used child labor, with whips.

Non-stop action on the market – this capitalist ball some call Earth.

Tiresome and hollow. The greedier ones have the most to lose.

It all makes me want to opt out and take a break, kick-back and watch some TV for light entertainment. And, shit, what gets rammed down my throat? … *Money*, you need it, sell your soul and you can get it! For only 1000% interest we can kindly advance you $1000, the rest is up to you…

And I thought the age of slavery was gone.


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