Posted: 2015-02-25 in Uncategorized

Statuesque. Yes, that’s the way she would describe him: a vision of what statues should look like (to be worth the effort of chiseling the stone). A perfect decathlete indeed, versatile (she could imagine!); strong yet lithe; big somehow, yet somewhat slender and sinewy at the same time. Immensely satisfying to watch now, showering, washing sweat and impurities away from the skin, cleansing himself after the sauna, cold water (purist!) on full blast.

Feeling life (she watches his hand as it glides over the flesh – she imagines her own doing the same), she is still in the dark cabin, sweating. Strange, that the window has a full-on view of the oh-so brightly lit forward-facing showers. Stranger still, that he has chosen to use one of these showers instead of the others which are discretely off to the side (they even have doors!).

He steps out, grabs his towel, dries off (again rubbing himself!) and disappears from view, no doubt to get dressed and go to his room.

She hopes and begs in almost penitent prayers that he will be back again tomorrow, same time and place. She will speak then, engage somehow (oh, Lord, what to say?). Either that, or she will arrive earlier and take a shower *before* him.

In her mind’s eye, here and now. Tomorrow, we will see.

Night-time “dream-life” is way unreliable. Day-dreaming in silent, steaming cabins is way better.


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