Team JP.

Posted: 2015-02-26 in Uncategorized

Preacher man’s on his soapbox, again. Preaching love and grace on one hand, cloaked hate and fear on the other. He’s talking once again about “end times prophecy”. And Russia being the ogre, Israel the victim, the believers carried away in rapture. The same shit recycled from the days of the USSR and the Cold War.


Look at reality. Only the USA, perhaps, equals Russia for the ardour of it’s Christian believers. … Have you ever beheld?

As a Ukrainian, I have little friendship left for the Russian state today. But somehow these bullshit tele-evangelist *oh-so-human* proclamations dig deep into my spirit and fill me with righteous indignation. I remember the ardour and belief and faith of my (former) comrades… (like we aren’t still the same in your eyes).

So, get with it, Americans, Singaporeans, whoever. Try to get some understanding before you sling mud. After all, a lot of places are north of Jerusalem.

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