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Ash Wednesday.

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What are you giving up? And what does that say about you? Hmm. Enough said.


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It’s good that there are still places like Belarus, where Russians can go and proudly be themselves, not ashamed of their collective shit and whatever. Of course, if they are rich enough, Russians can proudly walk the streets of London, Berlin or New York. … 

Hey, money talks in this world, so does anyone really care about your stupid Biathlon analogy?

Why would I watch a movie that’s only going to make me feel like more of a fuck-up? Populated, as it is, by beautiful people in kinda believable roles as supposedly ordinary, yet successful, ardently moral members of society, living life big … and rich motherfuckers to boot.

As was her want, she asked for my help for the crossword clue – she sitting on the can, behind the bathroom door, as I wished her good night.

Nuremberg was the clue, war crimes the answer. Sigh, a shame, I said; what, she asked. … That Nuremberg is associated with *that* (in the collective consciousness…).

The devil’s birthday.

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Imagine. A world where we can just be ourselves, where families don’t hate each other.

Imagine the reality, where we hate ourselves; where the world itself, the atmosphere, clouds and hell above hates us, oh so apparent.

Imagine what your life would be like if/when the internet shuts down.

Thunderstorm, hurricane winds, what if they became permanent?

Imagine your life without electricity.

Imagine your life without a mobile phone.

Imagine your life without facebook and shit.

Imagine not being able to shit.

Growing ever more bloated, not being able to vent.

Happy birthday, cancerous cunt.

The Bierkeller/halle/haus.

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Imagine what it was like, a mass of humanity, writhing for change.

The Bierhalle, home away from home, a place to go, to drink good beer, eat boiled and/or steamed brats, commune with our fellow man (what about women?). Some music first, then speakers would speak, promote ideas, philosophies and actions.

Slightly inebriated, relaxed, your mind becomes receptive, and you can see the guy’s point of view. Yes, we need change, yes, we need action, and it is clearly the fault of “the other” that we are in this current sad situation. We must go forward!

Big man with a trophy

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She looks pretty perfect.

But how high maintenance?

And how long before she makes you do things you don’t want to?

And how long before you decide to grow a pair and do something about it, the situation? To do something that you later regret, once you get jailed?

Maybe it’s just you, big man, wanting a trophy, not caring what it’s made of.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kids today, I’m talking about these young dopes … breed like snot in your winter nasal cavity. Personally (while you might find it cute), I find it repulsive that pre-pubescents would give Valentine’s greetings to each other. And we, the media, chide other cultures and their child brides.

In a sense, the commercialization of Valentine’s is perhaps worse than the commercialization of Xmas. We think we can buy love? Love, that most fundamental of emotions and connections. Buy it? For another year (day, minute or second, until the next “holiday for giving” kicks in, and contempt descends once more when we may or may not perform adequately enough). Love bought? Love sold. … We are all children! We are all fools.

Prostitutes on the street corner are a more honest (indeed, wholesome) form of Valentine’s expression than your 8-year-old giving a card to his pretend sweetheart (hey, when I was that age I had no feelings for boys, other than *compete*).

Today they all talk of love and hearts and shit. Apparently everyone has forgotten that it is Friday the 13th.


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The devil inside your head which doesn’t respond well to the weirdness of the people put in your daily path. You react…


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If you have something worth saying, I have the interest to listen, I think. Well, maybe not. I’ve said enough. Not much that you say is worth printing.

The scum of society here, apparently once respectable (well, kinda), now screwed. It seems they hate Poles. Upon the Poles they can heap their misfortune and pretend it is because of “them” that they are so downtrodden. … (Have you ever been to Poland, do you even *know* a Pole?) … The downtrodden here grumble about Poles. When really it is “their own” ruling classes (the ones they buy newspapers and watch TV programs to find out more about, to fuel their interest, the entertainment aspect), they are the ones who are bleeding them dry and debasing them. Get a brain cell, motherfuckers!