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It’s obvious, so many in the underclass are mentally unhinged, one way or another (can you blame them – shit, their parents didn’t send them to the right school!). Unhinged, they are left without useful support, shunted from pillar to post (barb-infested). Of course, that’s the way you like it, isn’t it: you like it when the underclass reinforces society’s image of themselves, by acting up for the cameras, microphones and shit, by acting like the scum they are expected to be. See here, see hear, laugh and grimace at the freak show. You get rich from the spectacle, the underclass get to remain in hell.


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Did it ever occur to you that the person you are speaking to might have something more worthy to say, for you to hear, and learn from, than what you have to offer here and now in this fit of frustration and banality? Shut up (clanging cymbals), open yourself, listen, be receptive, receive…


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Life, as you have served it up to me, some kind of meal, bittersweet, with lots of blandness in between. Sometimes I need to vomit. Sometimes I have diarrhea. Sometimes I feel nourished, only for someone else to come in and slit my belly open, seeking to destroy. Really, do I actually have to pay for this meal? Shouldn’t I be getting a refund?


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Wasted at the weekend, fall in a pile, worn out from five days full of trauma, drudgery, toil and despair.

Weekend, yay!

Now two days of freedom.

(Yeah, right, like the vestiges of the past let me go that easily!)

In theory, the weekend is:

Two days to pleasure yourself.

Two days to enrich yourself, go visit a museum, and read a highbrow book under the shade of a tree.

Two days to do some home improvements.

Two days to flourish and reap the rewards of my labor!

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Instead I have to prepare for the next working week and somehow try to repair myself so I can manage those foreboding days of pain. Foetal position helplessness in between the out-of-hours work, is the best I can hope for, it would seem, here and now, regenerating some kind of something.

Is this really living?

Perhaps, at best it is sufficient.


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Loudness rattles, jars, pains, one way or another, deafens the ears to wisdom.

Stupid sentiments are spoken around the table, loud voices, pseudo-authoritative talk of fate in a case of mass murder (Really? Would you be fulfilled, and now comforted, as a parent if you had given birth to a child, raised them with love and agony, for it to be their “fate” to die horribly in such a circumstance? Where is the sense in that?)! … Fate?

Fate: the word is used to explain the unexplainable, very poorly.

Tragic. It was just their fate.


Evil wins yet again. Terrorism rules supreme. The power that one man can wield, even when he can’t control his mind.


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I wish it was summer 1986 again.

So much feeling, so much potential.

Silence is good.

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Communicate by thoughts not noise.


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I assert my moral right to be acknowledged as the author and owner of this intellectual property, printed herein.

BTW I’d like to take a moment, ahem, to formally state, that all that is printed herein remains the intellectual property of me, the author, in perpetuity. I state my legal rights to be recognized as the author of this blog (Dagmar, Danuta, Renata. Drink Beer, Get Naked, Get Introspective, Go To Bed, Sleep, Meet Heidi. … – reprinting portions for educational purposes is allowable, so long as I am acknowledged. If you wanna know who I am or what I mean, reply, email or contact me somehow.


I assert my moral right to be acknowledged as the author and owner of this intellectual property, printed herein, this blog (Dagmar, Danuta, Renata. Drink Beer, Get Naked, Get Introspective, Go To Bed, Sleep, Meet Heidi. …


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If you are lucky your neighbors will be Finnish or Estonian and taciturn yet pleasant.

If you are unlucky your neighbors will be something else.

If you are unlucky your neighbors will decide to have kids or get a dog.

If you are very unlucky your neighbors will have kids and a dog.

People impact.