The fear of shadows, lines, indents, shapes, ghouls, twilight and dragonflies that flutter demonically trying to attack your neck.

Posted: 2015-03-16 in Uncategorized

The woman is well known for spending hours (literally) each day applying make-up and other cosmetics. She is young, she lives with her parents, she works as a teacher. She is a self-made woman in the truest form of the expression, “new every morning”.

Indeed, she is also considerably overweight and has the most peculiar bulgy eyes. Her voice is loud and headache-inducing. Her words are often full of venom (especially behind one’s back). She is a hateful specimen, something between cane toad and viper. Yet many people seem to be proud and loud to call her their friend.

There’s a strangeness hidden in the bizarre.

Perhaps she is haunted by the Slender Man. Perhaps she knows the truth – that the fiend originated on the north side of the Swan River, the City of Stirling, Perth, WA. Perhaps she is concealing something more than her face.


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