You work and pay tax for this.

Posted: 2015-03-19 in Uncategorized

Traffic jam, agitation, wasted time, energy, psyche.

Anger and seething, as the victims gradually inch forward in their expensive vehicles (while “poor” pedestrians walk freely and swiftly by).

Is this the fulfilment of human evolution?

Hundreds of people all with the same common enemy (stuck in the same desperate plight), they surely have cause to unite and fight.

But they don’t: they sit tense and irate, tight-jawed, in pain, clutching the steering wheel like a vice, remaining isolated in their own tin box, hating the person in the car in front of them (and the one in front of that), despising that prick’s existence … not the system behind the malfunction and degradation.

And tomorrow they will leave home at the same time and revisit the same nightmare all over again (and this is just the journey to/from their shitty job. … Ah, the workplace, another nightmare altogether).

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