Posted: 2015-03-21 in Uncategorized

Forgiveness? It’s different, by definition, from condoning, excusing, pardoning, forgetting or reconciling. By one account, it’s more about a change in your feelings, letting go of negative emotions, changing your attitude, no longer dreaming or planning vengeance. It’s about saying those pieces of shit aren’t worth wasting any more time, energy, thoughts or emotion on. Like, fuck them to life and hell (I don’t need to lift a finger).

Maybe that is necessary for moving on, in a sense.

But wouldn’t smashing my enemies to pieces (awesome satisfaction!) help me move on too?

Perhaps the argument is: Focus your efforts on prospering yourself, rather than destroying your enemy. Love yourself rather than hating others. Say: “Screw you,” then forget them deliberately, stepping outside of the battlezone into a new realm of self-appreciation. Move above and beyond, into your own world, free.


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