Posted: 2015-03-28 in Uncategorized

Wasted at the weekend, fall in a pile, worn out from five days full of trauma, drudgery, toil and despair.

Weekend, yay!

Now two days of freedom.

(Yeah, right, like the vestiges of the past let me go that easily!)

In theory, the weekend is:

Two days to pleasure yourself.

Two days to enrich yourself, go visit a museum, and read a highbrow book under the shade of a tree.

Two days to do some home improvements.

Two days to flourish and reap the rewards of my labor!

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Instead I have to prepare for the next working week and somehow try to repair myself so I can manage those foreboding days of pain. Foetal position helplessness in between the out-of-hours work, is the best I can hope for, it would seem, here and now, regenerating some kind of something.

Is this really living?

Perhaps, at best it is sufficient.

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