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They nod in church.

They nod in parliament.

They nod in mosque.

They nod in university.

They nod in synagogue.

They nod in the supermarket check-out line.

They nod at stupid comments made online.

They nod inside and outside.

They nod.

People nod.

People nod, they feel the need to nod, to believe in something, even if it’s a kind of disbelief, they nod, they believe. People need…


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Embroiled in a conversation I don’t want to have, the forgiveness issue reappears, different streams. Shit. I get agitated. All this focussing on forgiving evil acts, it’s got me to hating more and more, wanting justice and vengeance, bloody vengeance, more and more. Wanting to move on, I get mired in the past, the hate machine my family created. Fuck the cunt they came out of. Fuck them to hell. May they breathe in fire and breathe out no more.


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Forgiveness? It’s different, by definition, from condoning, excusing, pardoning, forgetting or reconciling. By one account, it’s more about a change in your feelings, letting go of negative emotions, changing your attitude, no longer dreaming or planning vengeance. It’s about saying those pieces of shit aren’t worth wasting any more time, energy, thoughts or emotion on. Like, fuck them to life and hell (I don’t need to lift a finger).

Maybe that is necessary for moving on, in a sense.

But wouldn’t smashing my enemies to pieces (awesome satisfaction!) help me move on too?

Perhaps the argument is: Focus your efforts on prospering yourself, rather than destroying your enemy. Love yourself rather than hating others. Say: “Screw you,” then forget them deliberately, stepping outside of the battlezone into a new realm of self-appreciation. Move above and beyond, into your own world, free.


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Nothing to say … is something to say in itself, just listen to the quiet. Exhale, peace, reserve. I don’t want to burden you.

Talk is cheap?

No, talk is expensive. Taxing, one way or another. Silence is golden.

Traffic jam, agitation, wasted time, energy, psyche.

Anger and seething, as the victims gradually inch forward in their expensive vehicles (while “poor” pedestrians walk freely and swiftly by).

Is this the fulfilment of human evolution?

Hundreds of people all with the same common enemy (stuck in the same desperate plight), they surely have cause to unite and fight.

But they don’t: they sit tense and irate, tight-jawed, in pain, clutching the steering wheel like a vice, remaining isolated in their own tin box, hating the person in the car in front of them (and the one in front of that), despising that prick’s existence … not the system behind the malfunction and degradation.

And tomorrow they will leave home at the same time and revisit the same nightmare all over again (and this is just the journey to/from their shitty job. … Ah, the workplace, another nightmare altogether).

The old man has a hard on – the grass is growing, weeds sprouting – he has another reason to get up, get dressed, turn the key each morning.

For others the season’s a reason to despair, fresh complications and demands: winter’s stillness and lack of insect movement is *way* preferable.

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What purpose does forgiveness serve? Yes, I can see that if it is directed towards a penitent soul, one who regrets and wants to repent and move on, it would be a blessing. But what good does your “forgiveness” do against abject evil, people who won’t even speak to you, so convicted are they in their hatred, they couldn’t even perceive that they had done anything to be forgiven for.


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The preacher man keeps saying it, that I need to forgive in order to move on.

But I don’t buy it.

Like, how/why do you forgive evil?

My everything screams that evil should not be forgiven, unless repentance is sought by the guilty.

Preacher man keeps preaching.

The woman is well known for spending hours (literally) each day applying make-up and other cosmetics. She is young, she lives with her parents, she works as a teacher. She is a self-made woman in the truest form of the expression, “new every morning”.

Indeed, she is also considerably overweight and has the most peculiar bulgy eyes. Her voice is loud and headache-inducing. Her words are often full of venom (especially behind one’s back). She is a hateful specimen, something between cane toad and viper. Yet many people seem to be proud and loud to call her their friend.

There’s a strangeness hidden in the bizarre.

Perhaps she is haunted by the Slender Man. Perhaps she knows the truth – that the fiend originated on the north side of the Swan River, the City of Stirling, Perth, WA. Perhaps she is concealing something more than her face.

Around their neck.

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The righteous wear a cross,

Some wear a police badge,

Others dog tags.

It means something.

Many wear a chain, plain, but ostentatiously thick, made of silver or gold, signifying nothing other than wealth, or pretence.

Others wear pendants, stones, shark teeth, whatever, it means something to them, I guess.

Some wear the shadowy hands of another, ready to throttle. The ultimate millstone, constant manipulation, family and “friends”. Yeah. Sigh. Goodbye.