Boy, these undies are so good I can’t wait to get them off!

Posted: 2015-05-28 in Man-child, Underwear model.

Ah, the key to success for the underwear advert: make it seem as if the models are about to take off their underwear, to rid themselves of the very garment they are promoting. A strange, inverse logic for the marketer. But, of course, sexiness sells, and provided your models are attractive (aren’t they always generally so?), the suggestion that the pretty, young things are about to get naked appeals to most consumers. The rest is up to the imagination. 

Porn in your mailbox, right next to a leaflet about grass cutting and a power bill. The beauty of it is that the guilt rests with you, you sick prick, it’s you who’s having the fantasy about seeing the model naked.

Ah, the power of suggestion. The power of perversion. The power of condemnation.

Sigh, you hope your wife can’t feel the vibe coming out of you as you skip through the underwear pages and pretend to be interested in the kitchen appliances (in privacy, later, you’ll linger longer where the advertizers really want you ensnared – that girl’s crotch, covered, just (but for how long?), her breasts about to be yours as she lifts her top up, up, up … oh, lord, you’re hard, you hope your wife doesn’t notice the bulge in your pants!).

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