War Hero.

Posted: 2015-05-29 in Thoughts For The Day

Yeah, you stand proud, medals on chest, a real paragon, saluting (oh, the visuals!) and lauded by today’s generation. Hero. Remembrance. Yeah. … Well, fuck you!

Actually, did you do (give) any more than anyone else?

Like, like, my departed grandfather who eschewed military parades in the post-war years (he knew he’d been fucked over, but politely never said it). He did a shit-load and got fuck-all out of it but broken promises and lies and slander and petty-minded relatives screwing his palms to a perverted cross. Can you really say that you faced more and survived more and delivered “us” from more evil?

No. I didn’t think so. Yet still you lap up the praise from the unknowing, and you lend your wrinkled face to advertizing campaigns. Sigh. I hate you.

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