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Posted: 2015-05-21 in Thoughts For The Day

If you’ve never been in the situation, never been fired by the zeal and physical furnace, never had to reach beyond the limits of pain and physics (like digging a car out of ice all on your own while others act like assholes), then you won’t understand. Stakhanovites are special. Special. Special. The wristwatch has borne witness.


Posted: 2015-05-20 in Dagmar.

Dagmar watched the familiar pictures black and white, flashing, flickering on the screen. The people looked truly happy, waving their flags, showering the troops with flowers, adoration on their faces, gesticulating that idiotic salute (looking like love-sick simpleton robots).

Is it my benefit-of-hindsight perspective which makes me feel sick, nauseous, to see these images? … Is this really the full picture? Could it really be so, as obvious as it seems? … No, propaganda, surely. Surely?


Posted: 2015-05-19 in Thoughts For The Day

Perhaps people just don’t understand the impact of their choices and actions on others. Perhaps they don’t care. Perhaps they actually like it that they can evoke misery, distress, endless complication, sometimes suicide (read murder) by their choices, by screwing with other people. How do they sleep at night?


Posted: 2015-05-18 in Thoughts For The Day

Distort and engage with lies, excite the basest of emotions, and die.


Excite and excise and exercise emotions, take a toll and demand obedience to the cause which you are compelled to obey due to your linkage to the diatribe, sigh, the tribe indeed. How advanced are we?

BTW Bonne Anniversaire.

Voices Of Hate.

Posted: 2015-05-17 in Thoughts For The Day

Voices of hate, bred by pain and frustration. Placed in the wrong time, place and context. Screwed over. Fear and loathing. Vent. No future.

This division, confusion and conquering is what keeps the invisible upper classes in power, the ultra-powerful, beyond comprehension (let alone reach). Their tools still work for them, even though they are worn down blunt, no sharp edges left.

The people, hurting, turn on each other. The rulers seize the initiative and gain kudos for keeping law and order. The cycle continues, like a demented washing machine.

Say, why can’t we be friends? Like we were when we looked up at the Statue of Liberty and felt something stir within? And, fuck the skyscrapers, they embody slavery and perversion.


Posted: 2015-05-16 in Thoughts For The Day

Adolf followed Benito, no doubt. Both pricks, perverted, pissing in the wind, feeling immense satisfaction at the carnage their “power” gave them against God and humanity, so they believed, loathsome shits. They were extinguished righteously by their own actions.

You look, you stare at me as I approach, almost as if seeing something strange and noteworthy. I feel uneasy but stir myself to say hello, in as neutral a way as possible (not liking the vibe I’m getting from you both). You look away and suddenly it’s as if I don’t exist. I don’t get it. You are but a piece of shit, and what is this situation? I keep walking to my car, then you look again. Why? What is wrong with you and your dog (of course, a dog – every motherfucker on foot in this shithole has to have a shitting dog with them to justify their existence)? I briefly fantasize about running you down, crushing your haggard, uncared-for bodies. But, no, I decide, your lives are punishment enough. … So go, keep talking and gossiping with each other, fuck yourselves to hell – your meaninglessness means a lot of pain. … Those who don’t want to be saved have no hope. So go, wallow in your mud and excrement. Enjoy.


Posted: 2015-05-14 in Thoughts For The Day

The go-to drug for soldiers, factory workers and hausfraus alike. … The Master Race – a most superior breed of crystal meth junkie!


Posted: 2015-05-14 in Thoughts For The Day

Corruption – some get rich, many more get poor.

Corruption – we all become impoverished, one way or another.


Posted: 2015-05-13 in Thoughts For The Day

Corruption – the human condition.

Corruption – the human affliction.

Some seem to prosper, some seem to die (a little more every day, sometimes the process is more violent).

From Romanian forests, to Austrian boardrooms, to Scottish schools, to Australian newsrooms, to American TV screens – corruption makes for profits, education, entertainment (and despair).

What’s left in the wolf’s lair? How many more ways can one hope to shaft another? How brutal can we get? How can we sleep at night? Shouldn’t we be too worried, or contorted, or too angst-riddenly crooked to lie straight?