Preacher, leave us kids alone!

Posted: 2015-06-24 in Faith screwed with.

Yeah, fuck you TV preacher! I’m sick of your jabber. You don’t get it, what it’s like to be one of us, the downtrodden.

You live in your mansion, you fly in your private jet to get to your next speaking engagement, limo escort through the streets.

I live in a shitty apartment, project full of crack, meth and death. I walk streets and catch the subway, to my dead-end job which pays slavery rates. I despair of my life, feel a need to escape, I turn on the TV (during my all-too-brief “downtime”), looking for a message of hope, some relief. I get to hear you, motherfucker, and your twisted message of supposed-Christianity. You tell me that we all got the same 24 hours in the day (so, quit complaining!), that we need to work with gladness in our hearts, that we reap what we sow, that we got to trust God enough to give of our “earnings” to the church, that by giving we will get so much (but, Christian, that ain’t actually why you give…). There’s no law under the covenant of grace but, hey, there’s a special biblical principle of tithing.

Fuck, cunt, why don’t you just be honest and tell the audience that all this hoopla has a cost involved and if they all want to keep being entertained (spiritually nourished?), they need to contribute some coin? Shit, your mansion-running-costs must make the eternal telethon some kinda imperative.

While we live in squalor and bondage.

Fuck, last week you told us all that we needed to labor to enter into the rest. To trust God. To listen to the spirit within. To rest, be at ease, peace. Ahhh. … MOTHERFUCKER! What the fuck happened?

I should’ve known – you evangelicals, always with a trophy wife (who somehow always also happens to have a pastor’s gift), ring loud and hollow – preachers should be celibate (I’ve always thought so). Celibate, or at least publicly so. And humble.

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