Pretty Petty People Pick Pullovers, Purses And Lives Apart In Pursuivance Of Petty, Short And Long Term, Hollow Goals.

Posted: 2015-06-27 in His/Her Own Drummer..., Thoughts For The Day

You listen to the words others say, listen. How incredibly petty they often are. Adults sounding more petulant than children, making no sense at all, when you listen to their words.

You hear them, it makes you shake your head, it makes you cringe, to be the presence of these cretins. (Sigh…) Your internal voice speaks calmly and eloquently, rationally, in your mind’s ear you sound like an ancient Greek philosopher.

Sigh, why can’t be just accept that we’re all in this world together, like, get on, co-exist, make the most of here and now and each other, love and be loved.

Problem is, if you actually listen to your own words, likely you’ll hear how petty, hateful and juvenile you are too.

We all are: ruled by emotion and baseness, hurt and manipulation, spite and irrational urges, voices in our heads and personal demons. The measure of a well-rounded person is how well they cope with it all, the shit, and how they treat others in turn. The conformists resort to banalities in their interactions, the masters strive for illumination. We all should at least try.

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