Master race? White trash!

Posted: 2015-06-30 in Thoughts For The Day

Be careful of upsetting the government – who they view as a traitor, one worthy of stripping citizenship from, it may change daily. Definitions are somewhat blank and fail to understand idealism and disillusionment created by the very system that fuels the government, that which fosters exclusion.

Scum, breeding machines, cigarette smoke, obesity, f-words, c-words, banalities and offensiveness, general crapiness with a lack of any kind of discipline and/or self-respect, they so often validate themselves by having a dog to walk (it’s good to “own” a creature beneath one’s self).

I wonder how anyone in this current world can take a walk through the white trash town I did today and not want to run away and do every thing they can for IS.

I suddenly get *it*.

Pieces of shit should be flushed.

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