Posted: 2015-07-16 in Thoughts For The Day

A year gone by, really? Already? Still the father cries, involuntarily, mainly internally, he dies a little more every day, upon waking and remembering the reality that his beautiful daughter is dead.

She was his only child. And she died so senselessly, innocently, blasphemously: in someone else’s country, someone else’s conflict, someone else’s evil intent gone awry.

Yes, probably it was all a mistake, but does it really matter? The intent of the ground-to-air cacophony of death was still evil, the intent was to kill and maim horribly, sacrilegiously. And the fact that no one is willing to be decent, own-up to the blunder and apologize, well that just makes the hurt all that more acute, obtuse and oblique all at the same torturous time.


What a waste.

And still the killing goes on.

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