Right Thing Indigestion (Righteous Indignation).

Posted: 2015-08-05 in Do The Right Thing, Thoughts For The Day

So tired of doing the right thing and not getting the right outcome.

Sigh, I’m one of those people who intrinsically feel compelled to do the right thing. Some people are motivated by lust, some by greed, some by attention, some by laziness: they all seem to get what they’re after, one way or another, their soul urges them into life paths where their needs/wants are gratified, whatever the cost. Not so for the “right thingers”. No matter how many minor internal fleeting satisfactions we get out of not littering, switching off unnecessary appliances and being kind to others, we always get frustrated because there is so much else which remains fucked in this world. And we always get waylaid, cast asunder on a digressionary path of distraction and confusion and complication, trying to do the right thing, each simple step of life’s journey, taking us somewhere unplanned as our goals and dreams slip away, sacrificed for the common good of humanity, your parents, your children, your community, we get used and abused by people who will happily tie us to a stake when the modern incarnation of the witch craze comes a-calling. We get spat out.

So tired of doing the right thing and seeing others dump their kitty litter in my backyard.

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