Utilitarian gray coat.

Posted: 2015-08-20 in Utilitarian gray coat.

That wonderful utilitarian gray coat. Such warmth, such functionability. It is my closest ally, my only true friend – its pockets have held secrets no one else could be trusted with. Heavy, beautiful wool, grown so far away on a sheep’s back in a sunburnt country. It’s quite strange, you know, I can almost (in fact, actually, somehow I really can) feel my coat’s longing to return to the land of its incipience, it’s like it’s seeped into me somehow. Now that my nation state is dissolving around me, barriers are falling, one could say that opportunities are abounding. Yes, quite, indeed, certainly, I feel an imperative: perhaps it is the Holy Spirit talking to me, as my mother told me about in the sunshine of my youth; she (as always) trying to avoid the shadows (a great believer, despite the cost).

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