Life, & Life Gone, we communicate.

Posted: 2015-08-27 in Thoughts For The Day

As a writer, in part, I don’t actually care what my life, per se, is like (how much it sucks) – just so I get the chance to write, real and proper. As such, prison is a haven for me.

I am disturbed that the murder of the TV news crew in VA is turned into witty repartee by online commentators, making a statement about gun control. Yes, the prick was aided and abetted in his murderous cause by easy-going gun laws. But, really, the issue is that he was a disturbed murderer, not the gun he used. He could have used another way to steal the lives of the two on camera, it’s all a question of how determined a butcher the psychopath is – think IS & sharp blades, sometimes flames.

RIP news crew.

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