I don’t care how much you think my life sucks.

Posted: 2015-09-01 in The Writer, Thoughts For The Day

As a writer, I don’t care how much you hurt me, try to hurt me, inflame or defame me. You can’t knock me out or finish me off, really you can’t. All I need is time at the end of the day, a smidgen of energy and psyche left. And I will write.

Your efforts to destroy me fail, time after time. You just give me experience and perspective, feeling, a greater wealth with which to relate to the world and, in time, sting back, as your fat corpse decays and rots.

You can’t hurt me, not in the long run. I will write. I will keep on writing, one way or another. I will always triumph. The words matter. The words are matter. The words which flow through me are a gift from God Himself. The words will make this world a better place. The words will be read in centuries to come, reflected upon, meditated upon. I will outlast you in fact and in deed (indeed). Hope will defeat despair.


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