Happy Anniversary.

Posted: 2015-09-11 in Thoughts For The Day

Let’s get personal.

It’s been two years today since I last saw you. Mixed feelings. Two years since, demented, you allowed yourself to be led away by “friends” and “family” from the only one who you actually trusted, the only one who truly cared, the only one who truly loved you – you (do you even remember who that is?). Two years since you sold your soul for some kind of perverted end. Two years since you pretended to believe the lies. Two years since evil swooped in and confused you. Two years since I was crucified for the amusement of your self-righteous “benefactors” (you have no idea, surely (hopefully?), how cruelly, your supposedly-Christian people treated me). Two years since the torrent of threats and lies and perversions flooded. Two years since you lost yourself and lost me.

Happy Anniversary!

You know what, despite it all, I feel fine and I’m doing great.

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