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From my latest year of closely following the media, modern journalists, news outlets, I am struck mostly by the lack of what they actually tell us, the public. It seems to be getting worse every day.

The questions that go unanswered, the details not revealed, the matters that receive no follow-through (it seems the media powers that be have the attention span of a fruit fly and, like most insects, they are quickly besotted by every new light source, no matter how fleeting or inconsequential, a sniff of blood, a quick bite, and they move on, (to mix metaphors – which they too love) like wild dogs who maul one sheep after another without actually devouring any kind of meaningful meal.

Still, I know from personal experience, Journos are worked like sweat-shop laborers, pushed to the limit to churn out crap to suit their masters. So, I can’t really blame them – it’s the system that’s rotten.

Well, perhaps I can.

Cogs in the mechanism, obeying orders, pulled by gravity, stuck to the muddy ground, here and now, they report the shit of everyday existence back to the public in the way they are told to, the way the public likes, apparently, what sells. … What sells? Souls.

Nürnberg blasphemed, yet again.

Sometimes the low-hanging fruit is all you can reach.

Sometimes it is better to take the low-hanging fruit option, rather than go hungry. Indeed.

Sometimes, when you feel so low and hopeless yourself, you sympathize with the low-hanging fruit and a certain illogical morality kicks in – you are in solidarity and you refuse to partake, to cannibalize a kith, kindred, fellow underling.

Sometimes, indeed, hunger itself satiates sufficiently. Yes. Especially when you remember that the dream always tastes better than the actual meal.

Unsatisfied and disappointed, disconnected and disenchanted, you live and wonder what’s next.

You eat. You shit. You die.

Salt preserves. Salt destroys.


Freiheit? Freizeit!

Posted: 2015-10-27 in Freiheit

Freiheit ist freizeit. Live long & prosper, dear readers.

Dagmar frowned. She rolled her lips in and bit down, her face a study in consternation.

Dagmar had never before considered herself rightwing, far from it. But now, how, other people and places and society and events and the media, they all pointed pretty clearly to her (the thoughts in her head) and proclaimed: Nazi! Racist! Misanthrope!

Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m far-right, the worst of the worst, as they say, no love or charity for humanity. Hateful, full of hate. Me? How can it be? I still feel like the Communist I was a child. Nothing’s changed and everything’s changed. I want to go to sleep and wake up and find that things are back the way they were, back when *I* had hope of a better life. … Fucking refugees!

Preachers, indulged with perfect lives and wives, full of money, full of shit, have no idea of the torment which is real life. … Still, we want them to preach. We want their direction (we want their lot). … Yea, preacher, keep on preaching. We’ll keep listening, hoping for some hope, despite it all.


Posted: 2015-10-23 in Thoughts For The Day

It’s all about money. If you’ve got it, enough of it, one way or another, you’re set.

You can be as weird as you want to be. You can be an utter fruit loop. You can be happy. You can be serious. You can laugh when you want to. You can cry when you want to. You can eat/shit/drink/piss whenever you want. You can sleep/wake/run/walk/crawl when you want to. You can afford to be magnanimous, indulgent, generous and acclaimed. You can do all the things you want to, when you want to, because you’re free.

Without money, you’re forced into slavery and subjugation, one way or another, suppression of your will, desires and better interests, in order to serve some other, a master, who dangles the carrot of money above your head, under the guise of workplace relations and productivity, making you dance dementedly, and you piss your pants and curse the day you were born.


Posted: 2015-10-22 in Thoughts For The Day

Such is the distortion of life we find ourselves in, here and now, in this perverted land of flood and fire, everywhere, planet Earth, people messed-up, self-imposed gods of being.

Distortion of life.

Little Dick.

Posted: 2015-10-22 in Thoughts For The Day

The TV presenters, they like the young girls. … Yeah, don’t we all? So full of life and vigor and potential and, ahem, appeal – what’s not to like?

But young girls become older women, and then what? How do we view them, what do we think about them? … Yeah, I thought so! … Strange, as, after all, they are the same person we once placed on a pedestal, ogling youthful beauty, drinking in their face and clear eyes, looking up their skirt, desperately wanting to touch. That beautiful woman is still here, with you today, big man, available for you more than ever, and you ignore her, in fact you despise her.

Lebanon Blues.

Posted: 2015-10-21 in Thoughts For The Day

I liked that TV ad – a happy place, fun, sexy, despite past troubles, managing, making do, making the most of life, embracing visitors, enjoying life, leaving us with happy memories. Now the country’s overrun and more screwed than ever. Garbage piling up, left uncollected. Refugees almost outnumbering citizens. Yet again, caught up in someone else’s problems, fuel for the fire, stoked and poker-raked by outsiders. Pawns for the taking.

Idiotic West forgets itself, interferes, conveys the conveyor belt of idiocy. Christians assaulted and women dressed. No more bikinis and dancing. No more happy daze. A new form of the Lebanon Blues.

White Trash.

Posted: 2015-10-21 in Thoughts For The Day

Mind you, I can see how “they” come to see “us” as infidels and White trash. “We” are pretty loathsome, when you take a look and listen.

Fuck, I admire their discipline! Shit, I hate their anal retentiveness. … Learn to take a joke, motherfuckers, learn to take the odd bit of criticism. Be human, be just a little bit White trash: we’re all loathsome down here. There’s comfort in that, exhale and embrace it.