You act, we report, you use the newspaper as a fire-starting aid. History will not be able to decipher the ashes of this debacle.

Posted: 2015-10-30 in Uncategorized

From my latest year of closely following the media, modern journalists, news outlets, I am struck mostly by the lack of what they actually tell us, the public. It seems to be getting worse every day.

The questions that go unanswered, the details not revealed, the matters that receive no follow-through (it seems the media powers that be have the attention span of a fruit fly and, like most insects, they are quickly besotted by every new light source, no matter how fleeting or inconsequential, a sniff of blood, a quick bite, and they move on, (to mix metaphors – which they too love) like wild dogs who maul one sheep after another without actually devouring any kind of meaningful meal.

Still, I know from personal experience, Journos are worked like sweat-shop laborers, pushed to the limit to churn out crap to suit their masters. So, I can’t really blame them – it’s the system that’s rotten.

Well, perhaps I can.

Cogs in the mechanism, obeying orders, pulled by gravity, stuck to the muddy ground, here and now, they report the shit of everyday existence back to the public in the way they are told to, the way the public likes, apparently, what sells. … What sells? Souls.

Nürnberg blasphemed, yet again.

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