The Borderland.

Posted: 2015-12-11 in Thoughts For The Day, Underwear model.

The borderland, the fine line,

between desperation and motivation,

despair and resignation,

inspiration and lunacy.


The borderland, the fine line,

between recognition and destitution,

appreciation and defecation,

ignorance and bliss.


The attractive young woman stands on the stage in her pure white underwear. She takes another drink of pure water from her clear plastic bottle. She swallows. Waits, eyes shut. A pause. She hits the sweet spot, feels a coolness then a flush of warmth, and she lets go, releases her bladder, her inhibitions. She urinates in a torrent, the piss seeps then rushes through her panties, the liquid runs down her legs. By now she is detached from the situation but, if anything, she feels a strange kind of pride, she smiles involuntarily. The hollering from the assembled crowd rings through her ears, a blur of men cheering, her eyes find hard to process, through the mist of tears. They’ve got what they paid for. She turns and walks away.

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