Posted: 2015-12-24 in Thoughts For The Day

Santa, the modern-day Jesus substitute. Because we want our kids to be able to believe in something, for a while, until they age and get cynical too.

It used to be that Santa was St. Nick, a follower of Christ himself, no doubt led by the Spirit to do some pretty special things, worth commemorating and reliving in future generations.

Now Santa is Coca-Cola and bullshit, capitalism and seasonal acts of kindness, suitable to assuage the guilt of generational, institutional greed … somewhat.

X-box games, dolls and electronics, suddenly half-price after Xmas day, after parents have disgorged (disemboweled) themselves to pay for their kids’ happiness (expectations, sigh).

Yes, that’s Christmas today. Happy B’day Jesus (humanity should weep)!

(Nonetheless, I do like the Xmas movies, hokey though they may be. The message is hope…)

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