Horror? Perversion.

Posted: 2016-02-12 in Dagmar.

I’ve never understood America’s obsession with horror and fright, gore and violence: Halloween as sacred a holiday for many as Easter.

It’s like, what, is life so perfect in the land of opportunity, that you’ve got to remind yourselves that it ain’t always so, and give your collective complacent hearts a jolt just to keep them beating?



Most of the rest of the world don’t see such appeal in horror movies, they see enough horror in their everyday lives. (Actually, cross town and see: that’s true for Americans too!) …

Perhaps the ultimate attraction is the morbid cliché of: Shit! Yes! It’s nice to view someone else suffer unfairly too. … However bad it is for me, it’s not quite as bad or as evil manifest as that … (Really?) …


Clearly bizarre.

In any case, it’s a perverted genre of storytelling.

When people are scared by fiction, souls are sold.


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