Wow! Signal (Wow! We humans are stupid!)…

Posted: 2016-02-18 in Pioneer Plaque, Thoughts For The Day, Wow! Signal

So, we reply, after many years of pondering, to the “Wow! Signal” with Tweets, a few videos, comedy, stupidity and banality.

We address ourselves as another intelligent life form, apparently not good for eating.

“Here are some videos from our great minds and beauties. If you saw the Pioneer Plaque a few years ago, you’ll notice that we look a bit different and we’ve become a whole lot less intelligent, dumbed-down we call it.

Yes, surely we’re more entertaining (it’s good for ratings – I can’t explain that to you!) and, what’s more our women now have a pudendal cleft (beneath the clothing they now wear, which varies in its constriction and severity depending upon the region of our planet or sect to which she belongs.

Regions are important to us, and when it comes to our women, the pubic region is paramount (that’s the area between the top of our legs, where our men have a powerful tool called a penis (you see it limply hanging down in the picture) and our women have nothing). Blank canvas, as on the Pioneer Plaque, our great minds perceive, and many of our women are literally cut by their mothers or other wise women, sliced grotesquely, made to bleed unnaturally, to adhere to a strange idea of identity.

Belonging, indeed, is important to us.

And the more that you get to know us the less you will want to communicate with us (or even “belong” in the same universe).”



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