The old woman died, alone, she was found days later.

She was a good woman but no one really knew her,

she kept to herself, ever since she returned from Manitoba.

No one asked, no one cared, they just dismissed her as a weirdo and an alkie, of course.

Now workmen, anonymous, ransack her house: her goods and cherished possessions, valued mementos, are loaded into a truck and driven away, to be dumped, crushed and forgotten.

No one knew, no one cared.

No one knows, no one cares.

House cleared, cleaned, renovated: tomorrow someone else will move in.

Endless cycle of life and misunderstanding,

pain and suffering,

it moves on.



Why do people bring sweet children into this world?

(The shit has hit the fan, it’s all too clear!)

Indeed, why do people bring children into this world of hurt?

To propagate another cycle of pain.

Endless rain, flooding.


Children born

to be



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