Pray for Nadezhda (Hope), if you dare.

Posted: 2016-03-10 in Prayer..., Thoughts For The Day, We Are Enemies, We Are Not Enemies, We Don't Have To Be Enemies

Caught up in a whirlwind of international intrigue and filthy politics,

a hostage seized in a dirty war (like there are any clean wars?),

the defendant gives the show trial the finger, literally.

A desperate act in a desperate time, a desperate place.

Millions of us gasp at the rough-looking young woman,

our suspicions confirmed,

she *is* fascist scum,

we spit curses at our TV screens,

yes, she is a murderer:

she fed rat poison to a pregnant woman and she killed our journalists.

Around the world, other people shake their heads, and sigh, disbelief and dismay.


It’s obvious that it’s true!


What is true?

What I can see! *That* is true to me.

What you see as my lies are true,

and your truth, well, that is lies to me.


If you are hoping for some kind of universal truth, something to give your life meaning, some kind of cause célèbre, no, no: think again, move away from this vehicle, and make sure you walk a straight line.



Indeed, the police woman who confided in me, without speaking a word, looked into my eyes and spoke to my soul. She couldn’t appear more different to Nadiya. For her, International Women’s Day meant applying lipstick once again before patrolling the streets of Yerevan. Special Unit.


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