Children of yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Posted: 2016-03-23 in Evil Empire, Nina (Subset), Prayer..., We Don't Have To Be Enemies

How did we get here,

this place, this time?

It’s not what we planned

but history rhymes.


Screwed-up and decline,

the twin children

of hubris and pride.


We used to be friends,

briefly, after the war,

a time where everything seemed possible,

now we are each other’s demon.


Power plays, greed, exploitation and deceit.

Potential hit out of the ball park,

gone, baby, gone,

a home run of missed opportunities.


Wind of change, changed direction,

children of tomorrow blown away.

The rich get richer,

the poor get evicted.


Somebody’s gaining (monetarily)

and everyone’s losing (monumentally).


The world is an amazing place (Da-da-da-da-da-da…).




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