Colorless Terror

Posted: 2016-03-26 in Comment, Hoping For Some Hope, Thoughts For The Day

No one much talks about the Spanish Civil War these days,


not any more,

and if they do it tends to be with reference to Franco, fascism and Nazi links.

But a reflection on Holy Week in Spain (such tradition, color and reverence!), illuminates the horrors of the other side, the war against the Church.


Utter desecration…

Imagine urination, deliberate, on everything sacred…

Imagine utter violation, utter hatred in overdrive.

Imagine the terror these terrorists wrought.

Imagine burning a church to the ground!

Imagine parodying the Crucifixion!

Imagine torturing and murdering Priests and Nuns!

Imagine crowds (men, women and children) celebrating the sacrilegious orgy of death and destruction, laughing and cheering at the “entertainment”, the spectacle!

Of course, they had their motivations, no doubt, some had reasons for seeking revenge,

but, really,

who but scum would even consider laying a finger upon, let alone raping, a Nun?

Complicated history.

We humans love to destroy what is beautiful.

Lord, help us.

Though I lose time through human folly,

tomorrow there is hope, eternal (I hope).

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