Dancing In The Dark.

Posted: 2016-03-30 in DDR, Nina, Thoughts For The Day

Bruce Springsteen’s mother dances at 90?

Good for her!

Reminds me of ’89,

when Gustav Strauss & I danced,

as the Wall fell.

We were so happy…

as people often are when change is ushered in,

bright promises of something better projected onto the big drive-in screen,

our dreams,

the Hotel Amerika,


endless goodly possibilities,

something along those lines.

Little did we know the reality of the future,

the future the past never leaves.

We went to Salzburg, true, saw Mozart’s Geburtshaus,

and that was as close as we got to a grand Viennese ball.

Hah! The Wall…

Of course, some say The Boss had something to do with the fall,

and it’s true that concert was epic, transformative perhaps,

who can say?

What’s clear, this narrow life snapshot:

Bruce and his mother are still dancing,

Gustav and I not.


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