Thoughts For Sale… Reason For Sale…

Posted: 2016-04-08 in Anja, Comment, Thoughts For The Day

I can admit, I’m not a fan, of your American/Western music scene. And, by Western, I don’t mean “Country”, I mean that elusive concept of being which you tend to equate with the American idea of democracy, belief and civility – generally confusingly expressed, by NATO devotees, Australians, and everyone in between.

In any case, I just don’t see the appeal to the endless cacophony of songs about love, shallow and deep, soppy and suicidal, gang-banging and masturbatory. Nor the roughly other half of your songs which extol the virtues of Friday and Saturday nights, which seems to be what you live for, going out and getting out (getting out of your “usual lives” by doing the same thing weekend after weekend and, if you’re successful, you don’t remember a thing).

No, I don’t see the point to the words and messages conveyed in your music. No, I don’t see much point to your lives and what you live for.

But, then again, I just heard one of my favorite songs on TV being used to advertize anti-worm tablets for dogs.

So, who’s to say? Who’s to judge? Raison d’être? … I guess beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and, today, anything is for sale.



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