The Holy Relic in the heart of the modern city. Generally overlooked. Beauty and peace go together.

Posted: 2016-04-16 in Blick!, Faith, Renata

People say a lot of things about Europe, without knowing.

People imply a lot of things about Europe, without going.

There I was in the heart of the modern city,

Rainbow flags on the trams,

Pride weekend,

Cathedral empty but for tourists who felt obliged

to go inside,

take photos and talk banalities,

just one of those things you’re meant to do, right?

And I went to the majestic museum,

full of historic treasures

and somehow managed to overlook the undoubted centerpiece,

the display wasn’t as grandiose as expected, perhaps, hidden amongst so many other gems in plain sight.

So I asked an attendant where it was, the Holy Relic, the piece of Jesus’ Cross.

Without smirking or flinching, seriously and respectfully she directed me to the exhibit case. She *got it*, she understood, that I believed.

I thanked her, kindred spirit, and knew I had at least one friend in the desert.

Experts and scholars may debate its authenticity, everyday Joes may scoff at its reality, but I felt reverence and power and I stood for many minutes staring at the wood, while Mediterranean tourists walked past to other more “interesting” exhibits, I silently worshipped.

Pause and breathe.

Beauty and peace go together.

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