No, I haven’t watched it, that hit TV show, but I did see the advert and that was enough (to turn my stomach) …

Posted: 2016-04-17 in Anja, Blick!, Faith screwed with., Lowest common denominator

In an increasingly globalized world,

full of increasingly isolated individuals,

who believe they’re more interconnected than ever before,

because they live through a screen

and get the occasional “like”…

In a world, where knowledge is more accessible than ever,

but people eschew the clever,

where “Reality TV” whores and junkies are paragons of aspiration, fame and fortune, the more messed-up you are the better…

In a world where everyone is more American and Americans have never been more hollow,

where idiots get multi-million Dollar book deals,

and no one reads a book…

On a planet that is dying, overpopulated and frying,

where people cringe from a bright blue sky

and seem hell-bent on polluting,

besmirching all that is pure and natural,

Indonesian rainforests burning, corruption endemic,

God-money rains down toxic ash, Singaporeans choking…

There’s always a financial bottom line, in every endeavor,

in our race to the bottom of the pit,

lowest common denominator,

we have forgotten what it means to be human.


I “comforted” myself with such thoughts as I considered what had to be done.

To kill a mockingbird, some might say is wrong, but in context what can’t be rationalized, condoned?

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