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It was a tumultuous time,

with few moments of comfort.

He asked his grandfather to record a TV program: Great Russian Writers, the Anton Chekhov episode.

His grandfather asked if he was a Communist.

He didn’t get it.


Turku Athletics.

Beautiful warm Summer night.

Navels on display.


The young generation feels no need to apologize for the sins of their forebears.

The old generation feels no need to forgive the youngsters.

Endless cycle,

clash of civilizations,

the hate knows no depths

but despair,

electric rocking chair.

Ultimate futility and pissing in the wind.

We are only happy when we meet at funerals.

What chance Opera Ball

and romance?


Respite in cocoon,

sanctuary, a darkened room,

handful of dirt falls.


Mustering a plan,

a way forward, improvement,

strength, perchance to grow.


Blink, my eyes open,

and I can’t see anything,

dirt falls, blinds my all.



decimated by army,

humans and catches.


Toilet flushes hope,

lost in pipework and sewers,

Oh, the great things lost!


She lay down,

on the floor,

in a darkened room.

She asked herself, repeatedly:

“What is the way forward?”

Racing mind, confused and throbbing head,

by the tenth repetition

she changed the question to:

“Is there a way forward?”

She moved her left hand downwards.

Imagining herself,

something else,

she fell asleep,



“Just” and “Nothing”,

two of my least favorite words,

often inaccurate and incomplete,

they diminish intent and sentiment.

What are you doing?

… Just now? Nothing.

Oh, you’re just a girl,

with nothing to worry about…

Just look at this mess!

You’ve done nothing in all this time!


Just read this

and just do that.


“Just” and “Nothing” =

just nothing.

Practically meaningless.

But what else would I expect

in this world

where it seems

there is nothing just.



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Sigh, reflect, regret.


Freed from wage slavery,

drudgery and banality,

we might have the time and energy

to pursue more creative, productive goals,

means and ends.

We may blossom.

Society may benefit.

History may laud us,


Or we may just pollute the piazza,

Freed but bored,

choosing to terrorize for fun,

Destructing self and others,

in between video games.


It depends on who “we” are.



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The other decides.

We revise our options and feel cast out.


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Pravda: let’s inhale,

then we’ll exhale and forget,

the mess that has been.