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Betrayed, cast outside,

I have some more perspective,

I raise my eyebrows.


I sigh and despair,

the realization hits home:

people suck me dry.


The beauty pageant,

Ugly in so many ways,

Has its devotees.



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Do you even know?

It doesn’t matter who does it,

or why.

It just matters that it *is*,

that it disturbs me,

and that I can’t stop it.

Self-absorbed, self-righteous, inconsiderate people:

hell on Earth.


Pravda is obtuse.

Trying hard to muster the words,

but your banality makes me frustrated

and mute.

For the common good,

I gave my heart and my soul,

and no one noticed.

And the last thing I need to hear

is politicians and wannabes spouting and espousing

the need for progressive policies

and/or conservative values,

both oxymorons.

Change for change’s sake

and retention for the want of a bowel movement.

Like, who wouldn’t want to be known as progressive?

It’s a natural aspiration,

of course.

But the word (and world) has been hijacked.

Change does not always equal progress

and a step forward often results in many steps backward.

Study history.

Likewise conservatism,

a security blanket,

but, really, is the world here and now,

people, place, society,

so great that we want to preserve it, as is?

Go back into the hole you came out of,

one might say.

In between the devil and the toxic sea.

Turn on, tune in, OD, drop out.

Humans are stupid…

Bears have the good sense to hibernate.


The weeks pile upon the days,

the months melt into years.

Time loses meaning.

I don’t want to go forward

and I don’t want to go back.

Meaningless or not, time still passes.

And my every effort seems to become more and more futile

and, ever more hurtful,

resentfulness consumes me.

Discordant and awkward, messed up.





We mangle words,

we mangle people,

concepts explored,

money made

at great human expense.

The market is happy

but it makes no sense.

Like meat left to rot,

we spoil

for Dollars and cents.

Humanity debased.

Lives destroyed

wills crushed,

possibilities gone,

beautiful things desecrated.


the world is a poorer place.


I have a soulmate.

I had a soulmate?

I remember the beautiful years and days when we were close.

Poetic and sublime, words don’t suffice.




Then time and people, situations and circumstance,

messed things up,

sullied and discordant,

and an awkward, spasmodic communiqué

became our way.

Tomorrow is her Birthday

and I want to give her my all,

to tell her I love her, madly and deeply,

but there is a distance and a barrier,

so all I can do is give her a few words.

Insufficient and frustrating.

Such is life,


C’est la vie,

fucked and pained.