Mousetrap Effect.

Posted: 2016-07-04 in Anja, ©ddr7hd, Existential Angst, Of Mice & Humans

It’s like when I was 13,


and mice were a problem

and it was my job to set the mousetrap –

a nasty metal killing machine, overly sensitive,

extremely hard to set without it snapping to life,

stinging and biting,

against my fingers.

And after so many times of the trap going off,

I developed what felt like existential angst,

an extreme loathing of the onerous chore,

a fundamental insecurity

and inability to go on.

The kind of thing which extends

beyond the job at hand.


confidence lost,

foundation eroded.

Yes, existential angst.

Foetal position, curled up on the floor,

in my minds eye,

nowhere else to go.

Existential angst.

Of mice and humans.

Shaken, I feel it today.


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