Book Cover Life (v2)

Posted: 2016-07-07 in ©ddr7hd, Book Cover Life., Existential Angst, Hoping For Some Hope, Prayer...

One year follows another,

and I am painfully reminded,

amongst the whirlwind of confusion and bad memories

(everything seems to conspire against me,

against us),

and I am so sorry,

it truly stabs at my heart,

my beloved friend,

if only I could do more…

If only I could pave a way



the Book Cover Life.

If only I could break the stones

and mend the heartbreak,

change words, actions,

malevolence, perfidy,


things that should never have been.

Rest, reprise, reflect, regenerate, resurrect.

Hope in a savior beyond words, what else?

(And I pray and I believe.


sweet dreams to follow,

I see you front and center.

Book Cover Life,

where you deserve to be.)


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