Through trails of mud we tread, to reach a hill…

Posted: 2016-08-29 in ©ddr7hd, Blick!, People Suck, Thoughts For The Day

Quintessence of evil,

shifting sands,

blazing Kalahari,

gone, baby, gone.

Become a cold, wet land

of mud, mold and molasses,

sticky as shit,


escape impossible.

Devil dogs,

people of hell,

torment and despoil

anything pure.

Jilted and jolted,

hard thud,

we slip and slide,

turn around,

on our heels reality.

Pedigree curs out of control,

rip and tear,

people stand by,

blankly stare.

Bloodied and dazed,

we get to our feet,

one follows the other,

we are relieved to be

walking up the hill.


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