Projekt 8.25 (subset #15: Life is cheap, but toilet paper is expensive)

Posted: 2016-09-17 in ©ddr7hd, Projekt 8.25, Theater of the Absurd

I really wanted some beer that night. I’m not the type to waste my time or money in a bar, generally, so in Northern Virginia, that meant it was time to return to the supermarket. Walking, I passed a couple of strung-out junkies on the way.

(Life is cheap, but toilet paper is expensive, as they say in the classics…)

The selection of beer was relatively good. I was tempted by Sam Adams but decided to be authentic to the time and place and went with a 30-pack of Miller Lite.

At the checkout, the cashier asked me for ID, fairly farcically (Do I really look under-21?). I showed him my passport. Apparently he’d never seen a passport from my country and he questioned it’s authenticity (though not so eloquently put). Despite the jeers of the happy shoppers behind me, he called for his manager. Several minutes passed. The manager looked puzzled and studied the document, eventually shrugging and gesturing to let it be. The assholes behind cheered.

I carried the box through the streets, passing a couple of crack dealers on the way.

A police car slowly followed me for a block, suspicious of me and my closed box.

I shrugged and smiled to myself.


Back at the hotel, in my room, I turned the TV on.

Shit, shit and more shit.

Vacuous banality rules the electromagnetic waves.

Absurdities and contradictions, a reflection of life, people, society, here, now, and way back when. Nothing new under the sun… 

I opened a can of Miller Lite.


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