Projekt 8.25 (subset #16: Receiving… the message?)

Posted: 2016-09-18 in ©ddr7hd, Preacher's gotta preach..., Projekt 8.25, Theater of the Absurd

Miller Lite comes in child-friendly sized cans. About the strength, I couldn’t decide. I opened another can. I didn’t dislike it.

I thought about my half-life and being in limbo, still waiting. … Still waiting for the beer to have any effect.

Meanwhile the TV Preacher went into a lather about how there’s no law anymore for the righteous. The Gospel of Grace. Believe and receive, and you will act righteous, without even trying. But, and it’s a big butt. It’s still right to honor the Lord by giving an offering from your first fruits, if you want to be blessed in this lifetime. AKA the tithe, and more. …

Ya’ll are under Grace. There’s no Law anymore, but… You are a steward, after all, and the money is God’s, and *loving* money is the root of all evil, but money in itself isn’t bad, and if you prove a just steward, then God is good and you’ll be a rich motherfucker on this earth… So, get with the program… And listen to the promptings within (which may be the Spirit, or may the residual, not-so-subliminal effects of hearing me preaching this message)… You know, spreading the gospel ain’t cheap. If I’m ministering to you then it’s only right to contribute to this ministry… Sow a seed, wait to receive…



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