Projekt 8.25 (subset #36: (Ab)Original Sin)

Posted: 2016-10-08 in ©ddr7hd, Comment, Да, я понимаю, History, я не понимаю, Projekt 8.25

“This is our country. 25,000 years, my people have been here. … You look, end to end, this land, remnants of my people’s middens. … This is *our* country.”

His voice was proud and indignant with no tinge of irony. He made it clear that I wasn’t a part of “our”.

I nodded, affecting what I hoped he interpreted as respect.

I wanted to live.

I wanted to leave.

Love for environment and connection to the land.

We desecrate, violate, complicate.

We implicate.

Fundamentally, we only love ourselves.




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