Projekt 8.25 (subset #41: Happy Anniversary, of sorts)

Posted: 2016-10-13 in ©ddr7hd, Blick!, Да, я понимаю, Kolbasa, Perfidy, Projekt 8.25, Samizdat

Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Perhaps I haven’t said enough.

Perhaps I’m paraphrasing REM.

Perhaps too many people have looked through the window and seen me naked.

Perhaps I squeezed too much out of the tube,

moisturizer all over the floor.

C’est la vie!

As Mamma used to say:

Well, it ain’t going back into the peehole now.

So, suck it up.

The unsmiling wench brought me my Weißbier.

I tried to be friendly.

Like, fuck off and die.

I drank some bier and ate kolbasa,

remembering a time of nightmares,

my life,

here, now and yesterday,

every day,



and more pain.

What hope?

To my grandmother, I’d like to say:

Hope you’re in hell (on Earth),

perfidious cunt,

you and your diseased minions,


suck it up, motherfucker,

fire and brimstone,

woe is you.

Happy cunting Anniversary.



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