On The Cusp Of Something Thwarted (aka “De-meaning”, the opposite of meaning)…

Posted: 2017-01-28 in ©ddr7hd, Да, я понимаю, я не понимаю, Polina, Samizdat

“You wrote this shit?” he asked, standing over me, pages in hand.

I remained silent.

He repeated himself.

“Yes, I wrote that shit,” I replied, detached.

“Some of it, weirdly, I like. Most of it, though, is confusing, incoherent, shit. Shit which I don’t understand.”

I turned my head and sighed: “It’s a jigsaw, you have to put the pieces together. Think of it as interactive reading.”

“Think? I don’t want to think! And I sure as hell don’t wanna interact with a twisted little bitch like you!” he bellowed, laughing, demeaning, walking away.




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