I Want To Piss Against A Wall! (The Body Rebels)

Posted: 2017-02-23 in ©ddr7hd, Да, я понимаю, Free, I March To The Beat Of My Own Drum, Inside & Outside Society, Pissing, Polina, Sofia, Zodiak Soundtrack

I slept.

I woke.

I went where they told me.

I did what they said.

I tried not to think.

I worked the way a convict does,

under duress.

Unnatural state of affairs.


Toil and…

A break.

Even slaves get fed,

for expediency.


even a surprise.

Like here, a sweet banana.

I ate, the way one does.

Then a sudden urge to urinate hit me.

I took a few steps


I had absolutely no control,

the dribble became a flood,

down both legs

and into my shoes.

Sodden and obviously wet,

for all to see,

I said nothing.

Relieved (one might say),

I continued to work.

It was a shame,

that I had pissed myself,

but I felt absolutely no shame.

Indeed, it felt like the most natural thing in the world.




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